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Nicole Miranda

Nicole Miranda of Originally Nic is a Sydney Graphic and Visual Artist plus Ceramicist inspired predominantly by nature; largely Australian flora and fauna. Nic has been creating and selling her original pieces for over twenty four years through exhibitions, craft shows, markets, selected stores and galleries. She likes to create and produce original paintings in a variety of mediums plus design and produce earthenware ceramic items which she either hand builds or slipcasts. These include table tops, tiles, homewares, garden art and jewellery. The hand built pieces are each quite unique and most often are imprinted with plant material and other interesting forms either grown by Nic or collected locally.

Nicole Miranda


Nicole Miranda talks about herself:

Nicole Miranda

I produce different types of work including paintings and ceramics. With my paintings, I generally start with an idea then photograph subject matter or find imagery on the internet for reference material. These include acrylics on canvas, watercolours & gouache on handmade papers, etchings which I produce, print and hand paint with watercolours. With my ceramics I either produce slipcast pieces which I hand paint in complimentary designs and imagery to accompany my paintings or hand build earthenware clay pieces such as homewares, garden art and jewellery. The hand built bowls and garden art are generally imprinted with natural textural objects such as seeds, shells and plant matter as I love to create textures and generally do just one colour as a wash. I’m always thinking of new ways to present my ideas and I do like the items to be utilitarian.

I am largely inspired by nature including flowers, plants, birds and Australian fauna and flora. My main ideas are inspired by our beautiful environment, my garden and others I visit.

I am very particular about my artwork and ceramics being as original and individual as possible hence my business name “Originally Nic”. Apart from my greeting cards which are photographs of my work or imagery, I don’t like to sell reproductions of my work; only originals. I like to produce all my pieces from scratch as much as possible and have a very hands on approach.

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