Fine Silk Artist and couturier

Yaja Hadrys

A graduate of the Sydney College of the Arts, Yaja worked in Sydney as the Head of Graphics for SBS TV before relocating to Broome in Western Australia where she developed her passion for incorporating pearls in her art.

She intimately studied the ancient arts & crafts of Australia’s traditional owners in remote parts of the country, learning about natural dyeing techniques from the Yolngu women in Arnhem Land and documenting, through photography, the lives and customs of the people of Ramingining.

Her photographs have been exhibited throughout Europe, images of Aboriginal weaving techniques were purchased by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Selected images were also exhibited at the British Museum of London.

Now a resident of Sydney, Yaja draws on her history, experiences and deep connections to nature to inspire each unique creation, using plants to hand-dye textiles, and focusing her artist’s eye on nature-inspired themes.

Yaja Hadrys


Yaja Hadrys

Yaja Hadrys talks about herself:

As an artist I often collaborate with nature, feeling connected and an integral part of it. When I use plants to dye and contact print fabrics, I witness a true alchemy. Wearing the textile creations later, having them close to the body, is like being hugged by nature, almost feeling her subtle breath.

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