Porcelain Ceramic Artist

Louise Martiensen

Louise Martiensen is the potter behind LouiseM studio. Working out of her Marrickville studio, Louise produces porcelain table and home-wares that are designed to bring beauty to the everyday and encourage more connection between the owners of the artworks during their day to day activities such as enjoying a cup of coffee or sharing a plate of food with friends.

Working primarily in porcelain, pieces are created that strike a balance between mass-produced/homogenous and handmade/unique. Over several ranges, Louise makes cups, bowls, plates, serving platters and vases. Utilising the slip-casting technique as a base, then adorning each piece uniquely through colouring, carving, pressing or glazing techniques means that no two pieces are exactly the same and the marks of the maker are always present. This in turn encourages an individual relationship with each piece.

Louise Martiensen


Louise Martiensen

Louise’s porcelain pieces are works of art which can be enjoyed and appreciated around the home on a day to day basis.

Louise started her ceramic journey over 10 years ago after falling in love with the medium whilst studying at university. With an earnest desire to push the possibilities, experiment with technique and make pieces unlike anything else she was seeing around at the time, she started making her own pottery.