Wearable and Usable Resin Art

Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks


Amanda Morters and Dennis Hicks are the creative force behind Prickles Design.
Amanda is a lifelong artist who, since childhood, has always found her centre in creating beautiful, thoughtful art pieces. Dennis, who has a science background, draws his artistic inspiration from all things natural.

Amanda and Dennis are now working in their business, Prickles Designs, and both enjoy creating wearable and usable art with resin.

Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks


Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks talks about themselves:

Amanda Morters & Dennis Hicks

Our passion is colour…. Everything about colour, the energy, the imagination and the joy it brings to us and to others.

Our inspiration for colour comes from the colours of the sea, sky and the soft hues of the countryside.

Each of our pieces are uniquely handmade; envisioned, sculpted, moulded, sanded and oiled in their studio and “supervised” by Coco, the miniature daschund, who is an integral part of the artistic team!

We are now working in our business Prickles Designs and we both enjoy creating wearable and usable art with resin.

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