Merilyn Chappel

Vibrant watercolour and mixed media paintings

Merilyn Chappel

An interior designer and journalist, Merilyn Chappel has been painting for over 25 years. Initially a watercolour artist, her work has evolved to encompass other mediums including acrylics and inks, but more recently mixed media. This foray into mixed media has resulted in uniquely textured, impressionistic works but these still exhibit Merilyn’s dramatic use of colour and design. Merilyn’s subject matter varies considerably from large dramatic landscapes to small interiors; from bold and colourful fruits to sensitively painted flowers; from Australian stockmen to French villages; from African giraffes to Australian dairy herds; from Sydney sailboats to outback towns – even shoes, hats and teacups have a look in!

The Joy of Mixed Media


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“ Experimenting with a range of mediums and painting a wide variety of subjects has kept me stimulated and has meant my art hasn’t become static and stereotyped” says Merilyn.
“ So, this is the excitement of painting – observing and then encapsulating all the beautiful details of the landscape and of life -from the huge sweeping landscapes of the Australian bush to the tiny lady beetle balancing on a leaf; from the fragile porcelain Chinese bowl to the rugged leather of a pair of old riding boots: from the gossamer winged dragonfly to the solid African elephant; from the quaint open door of an Australian country cottage to the ancient stone buildings of an Italian piazza; from an intimate conversation between friends sitting on a park bench to the roar of the traffic on a busy New York avenue – these are the joys of the subjects that I paint.”

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