Textile designer and visual artist

Lisa Shepherd

Born in England, Lisa emigrated to Australia in 2005. She studied interior and three dimensional design before specializing in textile design and printmaking. She now primarily works with the alternative photographic process of cyanotypes which is a form of cameraless photography.

Lisa is continuously experimenting with the process and her distinctive style expresses the atmosphere of Australian flora perfectly. She likes to capture this beauty in a simple, delicate way; her work has a very ethereal quality to it. She likes to add to her printmaking with watercolour, embroidery and encaustic. She is constantly inspired by nature and feels the artistic exchange between our surroundings and our personal response allow opportunities for creating beautiful art.

Lisa is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge with others and teaches workshops in both Sydney and the UK via Class Bento www.classbento.com She considers that art and creativity have many positive therapeutic benefits for both our social and mental well being. She believes botanical art helps create a calm, peaceful environment and bringing nature in to your home can be both nurturing and uplifting. Her purpose is to bring an awareness and an appreciation of the simplicity of nature and much joy it can evoke in all of us.

Lisa Shepherd


Lisa Shepherd

Lisa talks about herself:

As a visual artist I work hard to create pieces that encapsulate the beauty existing to all of us in our natural environment.  I like to capture this beauty in a simple, delicate way, taking nothing away from the flower itself and to allow it to shine through majestically”.

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