Metal sculptor

Jim Green

Coming from an artistic family, Jim inherited the artistic gene for which he found an outlet over ten years ago when he discovered metal art. Using primarily recycled materials such as old garden implements, tools and discarded machinery bits and pieces, as well as other used items such as odd pieces of cutlery, Jim welds unique pieces giving new life to metal which would have found itself in the scrap yard. As a Hawkesbury artist living near farmland, the bush and the river, Jim is inspired by nature so in his collection you will find metal parrots, wrens and emus, sheep, dogs, fish and even crabs!

Jim Green


Jim Green

Awards: First prize for metal sculpture at The Hawkesbury Show

Jim has completed several private commissions as well as some for public art spaces.  Recently he was invited to join The Hawkesbury Remakery  as a ‘maker in residence’. As a result he has been awarded a grant to create a large sculpture which will be displayed at Loder House initially and hopefully in the Windsor Mall down the track for public display.

Jim recently won first prize with his debut entry in an art competition at the Hawkesbury Show.

Meet with Jim Green at the NEXT EXHIBITION: