Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art trail

Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art trail

The Arthouse Pavilion gallery has been part of the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art trail for over 12 years. During this time, the trail has grown and changed immensely – last year 55 artists exhibited over the weekend!
Thousands of visitors have come from far and wide to enjoy the numerous exhibitions that have taken place in The Arthouse Pavilion gallery over the last fifteen years, either during the course of the Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Art Trail weekend or at more intimate viewings and exhibitions where they have had more contemplative time to take in some of the inspirational art works that some of Sydney’s best artists have to offer.
The Arthouse Pavilion gallery has always been very selective about artists who are invited to exhibit here – the motto of the gallery, after all, is ‘Creativity at its best!’ and visitors have come to know this.


Creativity at its best


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Over the years, the gallery has endeavoured to support and provide an avenue for both experienced and emerging talented artists.  With the passage of time artists have ranged from sculptors with their creations in clay, stone, wire and steel to Kim Gibbs who was here in 2019 with her corrugated iron native animals. Jewellers too have exhibited their exquisite artworks either worked in glass and cloisonné  or in fine metals like silver and gold, along with pearls, opals and other beautiful semi-precious stones.

Who would think that basket ware would have become an art form? Well Sharon Bartle sold out of her wonderful unique woven creations made from foraged plants and grasses!  Roy Davey, the bodger set up his wooden pole lathe in The Arthouse Pavilion gallery garden and treated visitors to demonstrations using this traditional wood turning apparatus to create fine Cherrywood spoons, bowls  and unique rustic blue gum benches.

The talented sculptor, John Wright arrived with a horse truck for two of his life sized metal animals – a grazing horse and huge rusty bull who looked on as visitors meandered their way down to the gallery through the lush surrounding gardens.

Australian native flora have featured in many of the artworks that have been exhibited in The Arthouse Pavilion gallery over the years including Lisa Shepherd’s delicate wall hangings of kangaroo paw plants and wattle flowers.  Yaja Hadrys’ exquisite silk garments are created using natural dyeing techniques she learnt from the Yolngu women in Arnhem land.

While the 2020 Arcadian Artists exhibition and trail has been cancelled as a result of Covid-19, The Arthouse Pavilion gallery is still hoping to open its doors to artists and visitors alike for its next Covid registered ART.AND event, ‘Celebration’  this November.